Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chickenpox at 3 months old!!!

So, in the past 3 weeks or so, Lucas stopped sleeping and eating well. He has been extra fussy. Didn't know what was wrong. Then, last Thursday I noticed a bump on his forehead and two on the back of his head. They looked like baby acne to me. Well the next day (Friday), while changing his diaper, I notice a ton more all over his body. Took him in to see a doctor, and after seeing two doctor's, it might be chickenpox! Maybe that's why he was so fussy and not sleeping well. He's never had a fever though. It's been really tough these past few weeks. Not much sleep going on here. Lucas was prescribed medicine to help with the symptoms. We should find out the results soon from the testing they did on some of the bumps. Poor little guy.

These pictures were taken the day I took him to the doctor's. Saturday they were even worse, and Sunday just a few more. I think they stopped appearing and are now scabbing over. I couldn't help but think about my mom taking care of four kids with chickenpox at the same time, in an rv while camping out for our home. She definitely had it worse!

Trying new things

In the past 2 months, I have been wanting to make new things. I think the Dinner-in-a-Pumpkin started it! Thanks to my old ward's cookbook as well as Betty Crocker, I was able to make some pretty yummy treats. Just about everything I made turned out very good, just ask Todd!

Oreo Truffles: I got the recipe from the internet. We were given something like this from a good friend of ours a few years ago that we absolutely loved. I wanted to try it. The hard part was melting the white chocolate. I also reserved too much cookie for sprinkling and therefore, didn't have enough in the balls. Oh well, next time.

Peanut Brittle: Betty Crocker. It turned out SO good! It was perfect! Thanks to my mother-in-law, I have a candy thermometer. That was the secret. I have to be careful when using peanuts or peanut butter, because Christopher is allergic. Poor guy!

These were Peanut Butter Cup cookies: A very good friend of mine put this recipe in my old ward's cookbook. These were our absolute favorite this year. Todd even had me make these for his department party.

Some other things I made (sorry, no pictures) were different Graham Cracker Toffees (Christopher's favorite was a Graham Cracker toffee -no nuts- with chocolate and crushed candy cane!), and Almond Crunch, both recipe's were in the ward cookbook! They turned out really good too! It's been fun. My sister's and I had our annual baking day just before Christmas, which was fun. Christopher and I also had a baking day with our neighbors. Fun times!!

Disneyland: We're Back!!!

Well, we were able to get annual passes to Disneyland again. I have missed it SO much. We saved our Disney dollars and were able to buy the cheapest passes. I loved having premium passes, but can't afford it this time. Anyway, we only have one car so it will take more planning when we go. For a long time, Christopher has wanted to go to Disneyland. We always told him that it costs too much money, but when we get a lot of money, we can go again. He also wanted to go for his birthday. A funny story is that Christopher and I were riding with my dad to visit Juliana (my sister) and her family in Artesia. He stopped at a bank and pulled some money out of an ATM. Christopher immediately said, "Oh wow grandpa, you have a lot of money. Now we can go to Disneyland!" Poor kid was disappointed when he found out that it wasn't enough to go to Disneyland. But we are finally back! I'm SO excited. Christopher too. We went for Christopher's birthday (Dec 20) and have already been this month too. Both days we stayed ALL DAY.

On Lucas' first visit, the only ride he went on was The Little Mermaid at California Adventures. He enjoyed it, for the most part! Then when we returned earlier this month, he got to go on Pirate's of the Carribean, Winnie the Pooh, Crush, and Casey Jr.. He also spent a lot of time in the Art of Annimation. I LOVE that room. It's amazing.

More Disneyland

We wanted him to try and be picked for the Jedi Training Academy, but he was too shy. He enjoyed watching it though. In fact, Todd and I caught him the other day acting it out. He definitely remembered what they were saying, cause it felt like we were there!

Lots of 1st times this trip! Including Star Tours (also our first time since they changed it) He liked it but won't go on it again. He says he doesn't like it when Darth Vader shows up. He also doesn't like the shooting because it's "too loud". He is so funny cause he LOVES the drums, but when we can't control the sound, he hates loud noise (fireworks-although he has come a long way).
1st time on Splash Mountain. He liked it but wouldn't go on it again with me! When we went back in Jan, he went on it 2 times!!

Christopher's 1st time on Space Mountain!!

He LOVES this ride!!

This is actually from the second time we went (Jan)

Before I forget, Christopher was feeling brave and wanted to go on Tower of Terror when we went this month. He was unsure by the time he and Todd got on the ride. Then wouldn't you know, it broke down after they had fallen twice. Long story short, when their elevator was transfered to another, he didn't want to go (I wouldn't either!). It was so fun to be able to see him go on so many new rides now that he is tall enough. I think we were able to do much more when we went this month. Todd does a good job of collecting Fastpasses throughout the day which helps with the lines. I am SO excited to be a passholder again!!! I love Disneyland.

Building a Lightsaber!!

For Christopher's birthday, daddy helped him make his very own lightsaber! He was SO happy! It's pretty cool. It makes noises. The next day, I told him not to hit anything with it, but he informed me that it makes different noises when you hit things. Oh no. So he has to be VERY careful with it. We've been trying to teach him pretend play. A lot of things seem to be very real to him.

Christopher's New Friend!

Uncle Danny (Todd's brother) got a new boxer puppy, Willis, for Christmas. Christopher loves to play with (Lewis/Willis!) him as long as he remembers to wear pants, cause Willis loves to jump and bite right now! They like to play chase, but when Chris is done, sometimes he tries to run away from Willis but doesn't understand that if he runs, Willis will run after him!

Trip to LA Temple!

Christopher, Lucas and I were able to go with Todd to the LA Temple. He was going with the Young Men and Young Women in our ward. I'm so glad we went. Eventhough it was after Christmas, they still had the lights up. Beautiful!! We had fun seeing the new visitor's center. They have a lot of interactive things there. Christopher had fun coloring on a screen, when he had a chance (it was a busy night and there were always other kids there). I hope we can go back soon.

Christmas 2011

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We sure did!!

Lucas just being his happy self! Christopher and I were decorating for Christmas while Lucas was content laying on the floor.

Christopher waited all year to bring this back out! He loves trains and the Polar Express. If he had it his way, he would watch the movie at least once a week all year!

Christopher helped me put our Christmas calendar together. He did a great job placing the dates in the correct spaces. Such a smartie!!

Lucas' Blessing

Lucas was blessed on November 27. Since Tami and Scott were here from Utah, they were able to come. We weren't able to get very many pictures after the blessing, so I'm glad I took some before the blessing! Lucas was able to wear the blessing outfit that Christopher wore! Such a cutie!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christopher and Build-A-Bear!

In Novemebr, a friend of Chris' had a birthday party at Build a Bear. Besides being so tired and cranky (It was during his quiet/nap time), He had fun. He picked a bear and named him Jess (?). The outfit Christopher picked was a blue baseball jersey (guess who?). It's been fun to see him take care of Jess.

Lucas 3 Months

December 14- Lucas is growing so fast. He loves standing. It's fun to hear him giggle and smile. Christopher still LOVES being an older brother. Lucas has been so good about sleeping. I can swaddle him real good, give him his pacifier, and he will be out. Occasionally, I'll have to put the pacifier back in, but for the most part it works great! He resently started placing his hand on the back of his head and ear. Some sort of comfort thing! We still give him his Zantac.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lucas 2 Months

Time is flying by! We spent Lucas' 2 month birthday by staying at my parent's and riding the train into LA the next morning. Todd would have joined us if he didn't have work. We left a little later than we wanted but it worked out. We hopped on in San Bernardino and took it to Union Station. There, we walked across the street to Olvera St and had the usual "special". It was yummy, as always. After lunch, we rode the Subway to El Capitan Theatre and got Sundaes at the Soda Fountain restaurant. I ordered a Peppermint Sundae which was AWESOME. It had peppermint ice cream, hot fudge, marshmellow cream, whipped cream, and a cherry! Then we headed back home. Lucas was asleep for most of the day. He had a hard time on the way home, but made it. He is still spitting up a lot, but I think that the pain is going away. Oh yea, he is on Zantac (peppermint flavor, which I think is weird for a baby!). We're also trying Gripe Water, which helps. We go through SO many burp cloths! Lucas sleeps pretty good. Pretty soon I'm going to put him in his crib. He and Christopher will share a room. The other room is a playroom. I finally feel like I'm starting to get into a groove with him. He is such a joy. Our Lucas is staying awake longer between naps, he discovered his hand and likes to put it in his mouth (he also takes a pacifier, thank goodness! Christopher never did.), smiling, cooing, and loving his big brother. We've started putting size 3-6 month clothes on him! At his 2 month appt, he weighed 12 and 1/2 lbs and was 23" long. At his 1 month he was almost 11 lbs and 22.5" long! He's growing so fast. We love him!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Carving Pumpkins!

Such a good sport. He did not want to get his hands dirty!